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Lean Blogs - A few favorites

www.leanblog.org - Mark Graban has been faithfully maintaining this blog since 2005. The earlier posts are more lean manufacturing focused, and the later posts are more lean hospital focused. This blog is updated daily and has lots of good info.

theleanedge.org - This is a site that looks like a blog at first glance, but is really a discussion between some of the top lean leaders. Lots of great discussion and learning can be found on this site.

www.lean.org/shook - These are John Shook's newsletters. John is now the CEO of LEI (Lean Enterprise Institute) and has a lot of lean experience.

www.lean.org/balle - This is a column written by Michael Balle that has great lean insights. As a side note, Micheal and Freddy Balle have written my favorite fiction style lean business books.

www.gembapantarei.com - Jon Miller's blog. This blog has great info, but isn't updated as regularly as leanblog and others.

Lean Training

www.shingoprize.org - The Shingo Institute has excellent training and an excellent lean model (the Shingo Model). The most eye opening lean training that I have attended was by The Shingo Institute.

www.gembaacademy.com - Gemba Academy has great lean and six sigma training at a reasonable price. 

www.lean.org - Lean.org is LEI's website and has lots of great information from newsletters to webinars and simulations. Dig around a bit and you will be pleased what you can find.

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