The Lean Tempo Story:

Lean Tempo all started from a problem. I was working as an internal lean consultant to help improve a few production lines. As I worked with the team to shrink the lines down to cells we wanted a way to quickly see the status of the cell (how much had been produced, and how much should have been produced). A method of showing actual vs. current goal at any time of the day would help the production leaders know when there was a problem; this was especially helpful when the leader had more than one cell to help. Hour by hour boards are a common way of showing progress, but in many instances this requires logging manually for each product, and then an update of the hour by hour board each hour. We wanted something that was (1)flexible, (2)intuitive, (3)easy to see from a distance, and (4)inexpensive.

I looked online to see what was offered, I found lots of options but none of them fit the four criteria. The more criteria that were met the more expensive the product. I talked to one of my friends that has been programming for years and told him about the problem. From there the rest is history, we worked to create the most flexible, intuitive, easy to see from a distance, and inexpensive score board on the market.


Increase Productivity with Real-Time Status

Lean Tempo Basic is a plug and play productivity tracker for only $450.

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