Sensor/Switch Selection

There are many different types of sensors or switches that can be used with Lean Tempo units. Sensor selection can be very complicated and there are many resources to help with the complex task. This guide is intended as a starting point to get you started in the right direction. Use this advice at your own risk, and know that sometimes for sensing applications multiple sensors might need to be tried to get the best results. 

Sensor/Switch Connection

Note: Many modern sensors are either NPN, or PNP; neither can be connected directly to the Lean Tempo unit

Normally Open Button Wiring Digram Normally Open NPN Sensor Wiring Digram Normally Open PNP Sensor Wiring Digram
Normally Closed PNP Sensor Wiring Digram Normally Open Switch Wiring Digram

Configuring Inputs - Plus and Pro Only


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