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Takt Time - Takt is a German word meaning beat or tempo. Ideally production should run to a beat, takt time helps to understand the rhythm or tempo of production.

To calculate takt time divide available time(shift minus breaks, lunch, or other expected things that take away from production time) by units desired in the available time. Example: if the shift is 8.5 hours, and there are two 10 minute breaks, one 30 minute lunch, and one 10 block of time for improving the work area then the available time would be 7.5 hours or 450 minutes - if the goal for the shift is 225 units, the takt time would be 450 minutes/225 units which equals 2 minutes per unit.

Ideally the takt time should remain close to constant from day to day, but to do this planning and level loading must be done in advance.

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